Shibuya scramble intersection

Shibuya scramble intersection

In the animated film “The Boy and The Beast”, it appeared Shibuya scramble intersection, which is also a Tokyo tourist spot! Kumatetsu and Kyuta met in Shibuya. “109” and “OIOI” are also drawn.

Ichirouhiko and Kyuta began fighting around Shibuya scramble intersection.

Movie release date: July 11, 2015
Director: Mamoru Hosoda

Here is where the Ichirouhiko became whale in the second half anime has caused a large explosion hit the track. It is the underpass of JR there from the scramble intersection on the left side.

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Route & Address
  • Tokyo Station
    • 25min
  • Shibuya Station
    • 2min
  • Spot
Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0043, Japan
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