Kaori Miyazono of house(Kanure shop)

LIP hair design / ARCACHON

Home of Kaori appeared in 12 episodes. Previously, there was a cake shop (ARCACHON) here. But now it’s getting to the beauty salon. Cake shop was moved to the north exit side of the Hoya Station. *Location of ARCACHON

You can buy a canelé that Kaori also had eaten in ARCACHON! Citrus and brandy flavor spread throughout the mouth, it is sweet modest adult taste.

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Route & Address
  • Tokyo Station
    • 20min
  • Ikebukuro Station
    • 20min
  • Houya Station
    • 5min
  • Spot
4-15-14, Higashicho, Nishitokyo-shi, Tokyo, 202-0012, Japan
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