Shopping street Ueno was to fool the Shoko

OKB Street Kuruwamachi mall

Location Ueno met to Shoya and Shoko. And it is the location where she was a fool with a laugh them.

It was displayed a sign with “SKB street” in the anime. But in reality, It is displayed as “OKB street”.

Ueno was talking and riding a bicycle of Shoya, this location is the shopping mall opposite.

Flag of “A Silent Voice” has stood a lot.

You arrive here, if you walk a few minutes to the south from “Where Shoko has confessed of love“.

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Route & Address
  • Nagoya Station
    • 32min
  • Ogaki Station
    • 10min
  • Spot
1-31, Kuruwamachi, Ogaki-shi, Gifu, 503-0887, Japan
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