Chichibu Bridge

Chichibu Bridge

This place is appeared several times in the main part and opening. it is a popular spot in the pilgrimage of “Anohana”. If you like “Anohana”, you would like to go to Chichibu Bridge at least once. *You should not be walking on the fence as Menma!

Location where the shooting is an old Chichibu Bridge (second generation). And bridge visible in the back is the Chichibu bridge of the third generation.

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Route & Address
  • Tokyo Station
    • 1h 10min : Takasaki Line Takasaki district
  • Kumagai Station
    • 1h 10min : Chichibu each stop Mitsumineguchi district
  • Ōnohara Station
    • 12min
  • Spot
3795, Abomachi, Chichibu-shi, Saitama, 368-0016, Japan


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