Sakuragaoka High School

Toyosato Elementary School

The main stage of “K-ON!” is the Toyosato Elementary School (model of Sakuragaoka high school). Theare are clubroom, auditorium where the live, and a cafe. Here is the place where K-ON! fans can enjoy.

Appearance is similar to the one that appeared in the anime.
k-on- (1)

There is also a bronze statue!
k-on- (5)

You can enter into the school building. Clubroom is the third floor. The handrail of the staircase is equipped with a figurine of the bronze statue, which also appeared in the anime.
k-on- (2)

In front of the club room there is a figurine of a frog!
k-on- (3)

The clubroom is put a tea set. Join the club notice had been entered in the desk. The next room is the music room.

「けいおん!」の舞台の旧豊郷小学校。軽音部の部室。 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Here is the auditorium where they were live. It is a look-alike!
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On the opposite side of the auditorium there is a “K-ON! Cafe” (Now seems to be only open Sunday).K-ON! Items are on display a lot. It is fun just to look at. Also sells souvenirs.
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Route & Address
  • Kyoto Station
    • 19min
  • Maibara station
    • 35min
  • Toyosato station
    • 10min
  • Spot
518, Ishibatake, Toyosato-cho Inukami-gun, Shiga, 529-1169, Japan
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