Tokinokane & Imokoi

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“Tokinokane” appeared in Opening of “Kamisama Kiss” that is located in the Kanetsuki-street of Kawagoe. It has appeared in six episodes of the second term.

“Imokoi” has been sold to a shop “Umon” in the vicinity of the “Tokinokane”. Nanami and Numano Himemiko was eating it.

Imokoi made of sweet potato is a very sweet and savory at the usual steamed!

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Route & Address
  • Tokyo-Station
    • 25min
  • Ikebukuro-Station
    • 27min
  • Kawagoe-Station
    • 17min
  • Spot
15-7, Saiwaicho, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama, 350-0063, Japan
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