Where Ritsu was a joint party

Karaoke JOYJOY Meitetsu Gifuekimae shop

In 11 episodes and 12 episodes, where Ritsu was a joint party is located near the Meitetsu Gifu Station “karaoke JOYJOY”. It was a shop named “DLAND” in the anime.

Where Ritsu was set with the other girls, it is the front of some in the south exit Gifu Station “Heart Full Square G”. In places where there is a lot of arched windows, you will be able to quickly discover. Location that merges with the boys, is the stairs of the Meitetsu Gifu Station.

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Route & Address
  • Nagoya Station
    • 20min
  • Gifu Station
    • 9min
  • Spot
8-1, Kandamachi, Gifu-shi, Gifu, 500-8833, Japan
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