Nihon Showamura

Nihon Showamura(Japan Showa Village)

Nihon Showamura(Japan Showa Village) appeared in the second half of Episode 8. Kousaku and friends dropped in return of shopping is the venue of the “Minotamo Rock Festival”. Becky sang as “AKB40”. Entrance gate and “Donguri Square” of the park has become a model.(Admission is fee required)

Nihon Showamura has the following facilities.

  • Pottery class
  • Bread making classroom
  • Buckwheat making classroom
  • Barbecue parking
  • Gourmet facility
  • shop of Gifu Prefecture specialty products, etc
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Route & Address
  • Nagoya Station
    • 20min
  • Gifu Station
    • 40min
  • MinoŌta Station
    • 20min
  • Spot
2292-1, Yamanoecho, Minokamo-shi, Gifu, 505-0003, Japan
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