Around the Midori Bridge (Cherry blossom season)

Midori Bridge

Even in a different page, Midori Bridge has to introduce as the most important places in the “A Silent Voice”. But this time, we will introduce the photographs taken when the cherry blossoms bloom. The cover of the comic Volume 2 has been drawn cherry blossoms.

* Cover of comic Volume 2 is this bridge.

It is very beautiful because there is a lot of cherry trees in the surrounding area of this bridge. This is a picture of the bridge.

The view to the “Rainbow bridge” area from Midori Bridge. Also Shoya and Shoko probably it has looked like this.

Scene at the time of Shoya jumped into the river as the courage to try.

Welfare Hall as seen from the Rainbow bridge.

This is a picture that was looking at the Midori Bridge from near the Rainbow bridge.

Because the night is lit up, you can also enjoy going to see cherry blossoms at night. Here is the recommended location as well as cherry blossom viewing. Please come to the season of cherry blossoms!

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Route & Address
  • Nagoya Station
    • 32min
  • Ogaki Station
    • 17min
  • Spot
2-46, Nishitogawacho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu, 503-0908, Japan
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