Radio Kaikan
Akihabara Radio Kaikan

Radio Kaikan is a building that appeared many times in Steins;Gate. Model of the building when it was broadcast in 2011, was demolished because of aging, now became a new building. Radio Kaikan that appeared in was broadcast 23 episodes (modified version) in 2015, it is a new building model.

JR Akihabara Station is also close from Tokyo Station, Radio Kaikan also have accessible location away from the station of the 1-minute walk away. You will go to Akihabara If you like Steins;Gate!

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Route & Address
  • Tokyo Station
    • 3min
  • Akihabara Station
    • 1min
  • Spot
1-15-16, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan
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